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  • Orthopaedic Video Theatre
  • Pediatrics

    OVT67 Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of Displaced Pediatric Lateral Condyle Fractures of the Humerus

    • Tamir Bloom, MD, Newark, New Jersey ;
    • John Koerner, MD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ;
    • Sanjeev Sabharwal, MD, MPH, Newark, New Jersey

    OVT68 A Surgical Technique for Medial Patellofemoral Ligament Reconstruction in the Skeletally Immature

    • Henry B. Ellis Jr, MD ;
    • Philip L. Wilson, MD

    OVT69 Cuneiform Osteotomy Through Anterior Approach Without Hip Dislocation in Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis

    • Cesare Faldini, MD, Bologna, Italy ;
    • Francesco Traina, MD, Bologna, Italy ;
    • Marcello De Fine, MD ;
    • Mateo Nanni, MD ;
    • Fabrizio Perna, MD ;
    • Camilla Pungetti, MD, Bologna, Italy ;
    • Antonio Mazzotti, MD, Bologna, Italy ;
    • Carlotta Calamelli, MD, Bologna, Italy ;
    • Sandro Giannini, MD, Bologna, Italy

    OVT70 Physeal-Sparing ACL Reconstruction Using Hamstring Autograft

    • Deepan Patel, MD, New York, New York ;
    • Mathew Hamula, BA, BS, New York, New York ;
    • Dylan Lowe, BA, New York, New York ;
    • Theodore S. Wolfson, BS, New York, New York ;
    • Eric J. Strauss, MD, New York, New York ;
    • David S. Feldman, MD, New York, New York ;
    • Laith M. Jazrawi, MD, Brooklyn, New York