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  • Foot and Ankle

    P206 The Change of Tibiotalar Alignment in Sagittal Plane After Total Ankle Replacement

    • Jae Ho Cho, MD, Seoul ;
    • Woo Chun Lee, Seoul, Korea, Republic of ;
    • Tae Keun Ahn, MD, Seoul ;
    • Young Yi, MD, Seoul ;
    • Hong Joon Choi, MD, Seoul, Korea, Republic of ;
    • Chulhyun Park, MD, Daegu ;
    • Dong-Il Chun, Seoul ;
    • Kang Lee, MD, Seoul ;
    • Jiyong Ahn, MD, Seoul

    P207 Does Achilles Tendon Lengthening Improve the Results in Total Ankle Replacement

    • Robin M. Queen, PhD, Durham, North Carolina ;
    • Robert J. Butler, DPT, PhD, PT, Durham, North Carolina ;
    • Samuel B. Adams Jr, MD, Durham, North Carolina ;
    • Mark E. Easley, MD, Durham, North Carolina ;
    • James A. Nunley II, MD, Durham, North Carolina ;
    • James K. DeOrio, MD, Durham, North Carolina

    P208 Correction of Valgus Deformity in Total Ankle Arthroplasty

    • Constantine Demetracopoulos, MD, New Rochelle, New York ;
    • Samuel B. Adams Jr, MD, Durham, North Carolina ;
    • James K. DeOrio, MD, Durham, North Carolina ;
    • James A. Nunley II, MD, Durham, North Carolina ;
    • Mark E. Easley, MD, Durham, North Carolina

    P209 Mechanical Characterization of Achilles Tendon Using Axial Speed of Ultrasound: A Possible Clinical Application

    • Joseph Fournier, Tours, France ;
    • Jean M. Brilhault, MD, Tours, France

    P210 Arterial Anatomy of the Posterior Tibial Tendon

    • Mary C. Manske, MD, Saint Louis, Missouri ;
    • Kathleen E. McKeon, MD, Nashville, Tennessee ;
    • Jeremy J. McCormick, MD, Saint Louis, Missouri ;
    • Jeffrey E. Johnson, MD, Saint Louis, Missouri ;
    • Sandra E. Klein, MD, Saint Louis, Missouri

    P211 Anterior Talofibular Ligament Abnormalities on Routine Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Ankle

    • Patrick Kane, MD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ;
    • David I. Pedowitz, MD, Penn Valley, Pennsylvania ;
    • Adam Zoga, MD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ;
    • Steven M. Raikin, MD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    P212 A Qualitative & Quantitative Anatomic Study of the Lateral Ankle Ligaments for Repair and Reconstruction Procedures

    • Thomas O. Clanton, MD, Vail, Colorado ;
    • Kevin J. Campbell, BS, Vail, Colorado ;
    • Katharine Wilson, MSc, Vail, Colorado ;
    • Max P. Michalski, MSc, Vail, Colorado ;
    • Mary T. Goldsmith, MSc, Vail, Colorado ;
    • Coen A. Wijdicks, PhD, Vail, Colorado ;
    • Robert F. LaPrade, MD, PhD, Vail, Colorado

    P213 Comparison of Correction Power and Complications of Proximal First Metatarsal Osteotomies

    • Reinhard Schuh, MD, Vienna, Austria ;
    • Madeleine Willegger, Vienna, Austria ;
    • Johannes Holinka, Vienna, Austria ;
    • Robin Ristl, PhD, MSc, Vienna, Austria ;
    • Reinhard Windhager, MD, Vienna, Austria ;
    • Hugo A. Wanivenhaus, MD, Vienna, Austria

    P214 A New Insight into Hallux Valgus Deformities - Precise 3D Analysis of First Metatarsal Rotation

    • Shau-Huai Fu, MD, Yunlin County, Taiwan ;
    • Chih-Chien Hung, MD, Taipei City, Taiwan ;
    • Bo-Lun Chen, MD, Taipei, Taiwan ;
    • Pei-yu Chen, MD, Taipei, Taiwan ;
    • Yio-Wha Shau, MD, Taipei, Taiwan ;
    • Chung-Li Wang, MD, Taipei City, Taiwan

    P215 Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products (RAGE) and Foot Function in Diabetic Foot Disease

    • Smita Rao, PhD, PT, New York, New York ;
    • Ann Marie Schmidt, New York, New York ;
    • Thorsten Kirsch, PhD, New York, New York ;
    • Kenneth Mroczek, MD, New York, New York

    P216 Revision Rate after Major or Minor Lower Extremity Amputation in Diabetic or Peripheral Arterial Disease Patients

    • Florian Wanivenhaus, MD, Zürich, Switzerland ;
    • Flavien Mauler, MD, Zürich, Switzerland ;
    • Teresa Stelzer, Zollikerberg, Switzerland ;
    • Alois Tschopp, PhD, Zurich, Switzerland ;
    • Thomas Boeni, MD, Zurich, Switzerland ;
    • Martin Berli, MD, Zürich, Switzerland

    P217 A CT Study Characterizing the Anatomy of the Uninjured Ankle Syndesmosis

    • Elliot Mendelsohn, MD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ;
    • Christopher M. Hoshino, MD, Redondo Beach, California ;
    • Thomas G. Harris, MD, Altadena, California

    P218 The Effect of Dynamic vs. Static Fixation on Malreduction of Unstable Syndesmotic Injuries

    • David C. Lee, MD, Long Beach, California ;
    • Brent G. Parks, MSc, Baltimore, Maryland ;
    • Michael Tsai, BS, Baltimore, Maryland ;
    • Shadpour Demehri, MD, Baltimore, Maryland ;
    • John A. Carrino, MD, Baltimore, Maryland ;
    • Lew C. Schon, MD, Baltimore, Maryland ;
    • Stuart D. Miller, MD, Baltimore, Maryland

    P219 Diagnostic Power and Interobserver Reliability of Classifications / Measurements to Syndesmotic Injury in X-ankle

    • Yon F. Dhooge, MD ;
    • Noortje Wentink, PhD ;
    • Luuk Theelen, MD ;
    • Wouter Van Hemert, MD, PhD ;
    • Bernd P. Grimm, PhD, Aachen, Germany ;
    • Rachel Senden, PhD, Heerlen, Netherlands

    P220 Radiographic Study of the Fifth Metatarsal for Optimal Intramedullary Screw Fixation of Jones Fracture

    • George Ochenjele, MD, Chicago, Illinois ;
    • Bryant Ho, MD, Chicago, Illinois ;
    • Paul Switaj, MD, Chicago, Illinois ;
    • Anish R. Kadakia, MD, Glenview, Illinois

    P221 Assessment of Hindfoot Alignment by Measuring Hindfoot Angulation and Translation

    • Young Yi, MD, Seoul ;
    • Woo Chun Lee, Seoul, Korea, Republic of ;
    • Jae Ho Cho, MD, Seoul ;
    • Hong Joon Choi, MD, Seoul, Korea, Republic of ;
    • Tae Keun Ahn, MD, Seoul ;
    • Kang Lee, MD, Seoul ;
    • Francis Joseph V. Reyes, MD, Seoul ;
    • Yumi Kim, MD, Gyeonggido Gunposi

    P222 Hindfoot Alignment is Associated with Knee Alignment in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

    • Hiromu Ito, Kyoto, Japan ;
    • Moritoshi Furu, MD, PhD, Kouka-Shi Shiga, Japan ;
    • Masahiro Ishikawa, MD, PhD, Kyoto, Japan ;
    • Hiroko Ogino, MD, Kyoto, Japan ;
    • Naoki Haraguchi, MD, Kunitachi-Shi, Japan ;
    • Hiroyuki Yoshitomi, Kyoto, Japan ;
    • Shuichi Matsuda, MD, Kyoto, Japan

    P223 Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in Patients with Foot and Ankle Injuries

    • Jeremy T. Smith, MD, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts ;
    • Kareem Halim, Brookline, Massachusetts ;
    • David A. Palms JR, BA, Boston, Massachusetts ;
    • Eric M. Bluman, MD, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts ;
    • Christopher P. Chiodo, MD, Boston, Massachusetts

    P224 Comparison of Treatment Between Ilizarov External Fixation and Internal Fixation in Elderly with Pilon Fracture

    • Nozaka Koji, MD, PhD, Akita, Japan

    P225 A Randomized Study of Preoperative Preparation Solutions for Foot and Ankle Surgery Patients

    • Joshua Hunter, MD, Rochester, New York ;
    • Laura K. Dawson, DO, Fort Campbell, Tennessee ;
    • Katherine Ma, MD, Cortlandt Manor, New York ;
    • Judith F. Baumhauer, MD, MPH, Rochester, New York