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  • Orthopaedic Video Theatre
  • Tumor and Metabolic Disease

    SE55 Current Concepts In The Biopsy Of Musculoskeletal Tumors

    • Francesco Traina, MD, Bologna, Italy ;
    • Costantino Errani, MD, Bagheria, Italy ;
    • Angelo Toscano, MD, Mori (TN), Italy ;
    • Camilla Pungetti, MD, Bologna, Italy ;
    • Daniele Fabbri, MD, Bologna, Italy ;
    • Antonio Mazzotti, MD, Bologna, Italy ;
    • Davide Donati, MD, Bologna, Italy ;
    • Cesare Faldini, MD, Bologna, Italy

    SE56 Submitted by Muscoloskeletal Tumor Society: 30 years of Oncologic Expandable Prostheses: What have we Learned?

    • Michael P. Mott, MD, Detroit, Michigan ;
    • Theodore W. Parsons III, MD, FACS, Detroit, Michigan ;
    • G D. Letson, MD, Tampa, Florida ;
    • Joseph Benevenia, MD, Newark, New Jersey ;
    • Ernest U. Conrad III, MD, Seattle, Washington ;
    • Michael D. Neel, MD, Memphis, Tennessee

    SE57 Five-year Results Of A Prospective Clinical Trial Of Antimicrobial Implants Supported With Iodine

    • Hiroyuki Tsuchiya, MD, Kanazawa, Japan ;
    • Toshiharu Shirai, MD, Kanazawa, Japan ;
    • Hideji Nishida, MD, Kanazawa City, Japan ;
    • Hideki Murakami, MD, Kanazawa, Japan ;
    • Tamon Kabata, MD, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan ;
    • Norio Yamamoto, MD, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan ;
    • Koji Watanabe, MD, PhD, Kanazawa, Japan ;
    • Junsuke Nakase, MD, Kanazawa, Japan ;
    • Kaoru Tada, MD, Kanazawa, Japan

    SE58 Orthopaedic Strategies to Manage Sex-Based Metastatic Malignancies

    • Laura M. Gehrig, MD, Bismarck, North Dakota ;
    • Margaret M. Baker, MD, Port Angeles, Washington ;
    • Cordelia W. Carter, MD, Westport, Connecticut ;
    • Erin L. Ransford, Rosemont, Illinois

    SE59 The Use Of Demineralized Bone Matrix And Mesenchymal Stem Cells Concentration For The Treatment Of The Bone Cysts

    • Davide Donati, MD, Bologna, Italy ;
    • Luca Cevolani, MD, Bologna, Italy ;
    • Tommaso Frisoni, MD, Rimini, Italy ;
    • Chris Charoenlap, MD, Bangkok, Thailand